Packages & Prices

How does is work?

  • All consultations are held online via Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp/whatever works for you. 

  • I am flexible and we can schedule consultations for evenings or weekends. 

  • If you didn't find the right type of package in the list below but you like my approach, please get in touch anyways. We can figure something out. 

  • When you book your consultation (just fill in the form below), I will send you a health and nutrition questionnaire to fill in. That will be our baseline for discussions. During our consultation, we will discuss your situation and I will provide tailor-made advice. We will agree on a specific plan.

  • After our session I will send you everything in an email as well as provide you with recipes specifically selected for you and your situation.

  • All payments are made vis Paypal and must be made prior our initial consultation. 

  • I am also happy to agree on a longer-term schedule for consultations. In my experience, if your situation requires bigger changes, it is usually helpful to have at least one follow-up consultation within 2 week after the initial one. This one is usually much shorter and cheeper :-)

What will you get?

  • 60/90 min online video consultation depending on your package.

  • Professional analyses of your problems and individual tailor-made approach.

  • Clear and practical advices including real life tips about what to change in your everyday life.

  • Email summary of everything discussed during our consultation including all the tips.

  • eBook especially adjusted to your needs and likings.    

Weight Management Package

Better Decisions 

Are you tired of all the diets with no results other than long-term gaining weight? Are you lost in all the contradicting dieting information on the internet? Do you want to feel happy and healthy again? Or perhaps for the first time in your life? 

Let me help you make smarter decisions that will make you feel happier and healthier.

Book your consultation session now!

The initial consulting session takes up to 90 minutes.

EUR 80

Chronic Health Issues Package

The Guidance You Need 

Intolerances, Food Allergies, Autoimmune Diseases, Diabetes, etc.
Do you have a health problem that can be affected by your food and eating habits? Does your medication require a specific diet modification? Do you fell like the food you eat is working against your health condition?

Let me help you understand your health conditions and the impact your diet has. We will figure our the right plan for you.  

Get in touch to discuss your option now!

The initial consulting session takes up to 60 minutes.

EUR 60

Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum Package

You and your child 

Are you having troubles getting pregnant? Nutrition is proven to have significant impact on your reproductive system.

Are you having problems get enough nutrients because of severe morning sickness? Do you want to help improve your eating habits during pregnancy to be as healthy as possible? Do you have gestational diabetes? Do you need help on your postpartum journey? 

Let me help you figure our the right plan for you and your baby.  

The initial consulting session takes up to 60 minutes.

EUR 60

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