Bread based dinner tips 🥬🥒🥦

I often hear this problem, especially from moms who are responsible for coming up with dinner ideas every day:

How do I make the ‘bread dinner‘ healthier? / We eat bread all the time and I feel it’s not so good. 

So let’s look into it a bit more.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with a bread based dinner. If you follow a few of the tips below, it can be a very healthy and nourishing dinner (or breakfast or lunch actually).

Tip No. 1 - Pay attention to the type and quality of the bread

The bread should be of a good quality. Ideally it would be a Whole Wheat Bread. 

This means the flour which was used was milled from whole grains. How much of this whole wheat flour is actually used for the bread is very important as well. It should be at least 50%, but the more the better.

Rye sourdough bread is also a great option and actually quite easy to make at home. @Ilovecookingireland has many great videos on YouTube, one is linked here about how to bake rye bread at home. To get the starter going is a bit of an adventure, but I am positive with your third loaf of bread, you are going to be better than Patrick (in the video).  

Baking bread is also a great activity to do with children. It takes a bit more time when you have the little helpers around, but it is so much fun for children. 

Other ingredients in the bread are as important as the flour. Is the label long and full of words you cannot pronounce? It’s probably not the best idea to eat that. It is actually possible to make a great tasting bread without those chemicals. Even wholesale. 

2. The bread is only a supporting actress

The bread itself should not play the main role. Think of the bread rather as a supporting actress. The star of your dinner movie, however, is what you put on the bread. That is the actual dinner.

Don’t be shy with the spread on the top of the bread.

Soft cheese (we use goat), hummus, cottage cheese, any sort of veggie spreads, be very generous. basically you should not see the bread underneath the spread.

It is the easiest thing to make your homemade spreads. Carrots, kohlrabi, beetroots, celery, bell pepper, any vegetable you like, just mix it in your food processor and then add a bit of your soft or cottage cheese. For a vegan version you can mix the veggies with hummus. Add your favourite spices and that is it.  

Add nuts and seeds on the top of the spread. 

The topping should be the main ingredient of your bread dinner. You can still call it bread dinner, but make sure you eat a reasonable amount of bread and a big amount of the toppings. For me that would usually be 2 pieces of bread with lots of spread, seeds and nuts.  


3. Add vegetables. Lots of, lots of vegetables  

Who knew I am going to say this? But seriously, add lots of veggies, switch them up, try new veggies which you don’t usually buy. Just experiment. And if you cannot fit them all on the top of the bread, that’s ok. Cut them into finger sized pieces and place them on the plate next to the bread.

And if you have a bit of the hummus or home made spread left, you can use it as a dip for your veggies.  

How often do you eat bread?  

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