Healthy and delicious spelt pancakes

I would like to give you a nicer photo of these pancakes, but they were gone before I managed to 'prep' them for Instagram worthy photo. They are the best! They really taste great AND they are quite easy on the pan.

I found that some pancakes mixtures are very difficult to work with. No matter how hot your pan is or how much (or how little) oil/butter/ghee you use, some pancakes mixtures are just impossible. Not this one. I have used this mixture on different pans, different stoves with butter, olive oil, ghee and also lard and every single time the pancakes are just amazing!

So let's do this!


250g spelt flour

2 eggs


500ml milk (I usually use oatmilk, but any milk would work)

1tbs sugar


It can't get easier than this.

1. Mix everything together in a big bowl and let it rest for approx. 20 minutes.

2. Heat up your pan properly - and this step is crucial for good pancakes. I use cast iron pan so this is even more important for me. The pan must be really REALLY hot before I put the pancakes mixture in and let me tell you: I am not the most patient person in the world, so almost every time (ok, every time) I do not wait long enough and the first pancake is a sticky disaster. But the second and consequent once are great. I am writing this so that you do not get discourage by the first sticky disaster. It will get better once your pan is hotter, I promise!

3. Depending on your pan, use a little bit of oil/butter/ghee/lard - whatever your heart desires.

4. Pour the pancakes mixture on the pan and spread evenly. Wait until you can see little bubbles all around the pancake and them flip. Once there are bubbles all around it should be very easy to flip the pancake. Leave in the pan for another minute or so and you are done (with this one, you will have to repeat the process for all the other pancakes you are going to make:-) ).

5. Choose your favourite healthy toppings and here you have it. Delicious and healthy spelt pancakes.

Image by veeterzy

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