How much exercise is necessary at the beginning of your weight loss journey

This is a very common question and my answer might surprise you, especially if you follow a lot of health and fitness accounts on instagram. 

It is also quite difficult to give a generic answer, as the amount of exercise to be recommended at the beginning of your weight loss journey will depend on your current shape. 

But in general I will say this: At the beginning of your weight loss journey, do NOT add too much more exercise than what you are used to. 

Even if you are the type of person who prefers big abrupt changes (you can read more about how to find out which type of person you are here), adding a lot of hours of exercise into the mixture can be overwhelming and demotivating.

When you make the decision to lose weight and get healthier, there are usually quite a lot of changes and adjustments you have to make in your diet. And those dietary changes should be your priority. Exercise is important! I am all for regular healthy exercising. But there is a right time for everything.  Starting a new rigorous exercise routine at the same time as radically changing your eating habits, can become the straw that breaks the camel's back. 

A much healthier and natural way would be to concentrate on your diet at first. Once you get over the initial stage, get used to new recipes, new tastes and once you establish new eating and dieting routines in your everyday life, that is the time when you can put more effort into exercise. 

Does this mean no exercise at all once you start your weight loss journey? Absolutely no! :-) There are still gentle and natural ways to incorporate more exercise into your everyday life. 

  • Do you use an elevator at work or in your apartment building? Try the stairs instead. 

  • Do you always look for the nearest parking place? Do not do that and park your car as far from the entrance as possible. 

  • Walk instead of driving whenever possible.

  • Do you have more toilet rooms in your office? Do not use the closest one. Take a walk to the one on the third floor and do use the stairs.

  • Do you have a dog? Make sure you add 5-10 minutes to your walks and walk faster. 

  • Do not ask your spouse or your kids to hand you stuff. If you need something, get up and get it yourself. 

  • When meeting up with friends for a beer or coffee, meet them in a nearby park and go for a quick walk before your beer/coffee.

  • At home, leave your mobile phone at the same inconvenient place so that everytime you want to check it, you have to make at least a few steps.    

All these changes might seem small by itself. But especially if you are not used to a lot of exercise, they will make a difference. And even if you have some sort of exercise regime, adding some of those suggestions might be beneficial for you. 

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