How to start your weight loss journey - Part 2

In the first part of this 'How to start your weight loss journey' series, we have discussed how to find which approach works better for you - either big abrupt change or gradually changing your habit over time. I have also explained why it is important to know which approach works better for you. If you haven’t read the blog yet, you can read it here.

Today, we are going to look at how to decide what actual changes to your diet do you have to make. If you have read any of my blogs or my webpage, you know I am strongly convinced, there is no universal solution in dieting and nutrition. Every person is different and needs a personalized approach. We are human beings, not robots, we do not fit into one form.

I am also fully aware how confusing all the information on the internet can be for someone who does not have a deep understanding of nutrition. Actually, sometimes it can be pretty confusing even if you have the education :-).

So how do I decide what changes I need? 

Firstly, we need to identify the problem. And this has actually 2 parts. 

First the ‘external’ side of the problem. What foods do you eat that make you unhealthy? Is it a lot of candies and sweets every night before bed? Is it constant unhealthy snacking during the day? Do the employees of your local fast food call you by name and start preparing your order the second you step foot in the door? Do you shop only frozen highly processed packed dishes and avoid fresh vegetables at all costs? Do you drink only sweetened beverages and a lot of alcohol? 

Think about it for a few minutes. What is the main problem in your diet? And start from there. 

Second part of this self-searching is to identify the triggers. Why? Why are you snacking all day? Are you super stressed at work and these unhealthy snacks bring you at least some level of comfort? Are you too tired to cook? Do you even know how to cook? Is it just a set of bad habits you keep from your childhood?

When you identify the triggers, you can work with them. Avoid the situation, have a healthy alternative ready for those situations. You can prep your meal on the weekends so that you do not have to worry about it during your busy working week. There are many many ways to solve those problems. 

You just have to start and identify the problems.     

I know this can be a lot. Especially if diet and your weight have been burdensome for you for a long time. But change is possible and with a good approach and healthy attitude you can get a long way! And if this still feels like too much, schedule a consultation with me. Sometimes just a small push from the outside can really change the whole journey. 

And if you need a little helper at the beginning, check out my free eBook:

3 easy and effective diet swaps to help you lose weight, feel happier and healthier.

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