What is the best diet? Part 1

The best diet is to eat food which is N*O*R*M*A*L and N*A*T*U*R*A*L for Y*O*U whenever you are H*U*N*G*R*Y.

I am going to analyze this simple sentence in a couple of articles. For today, we will talk about what is NORMAL for humans to eat. 


It means eating foods and products which were always consumed by humans. We - as humans - are not new to this planet and we are lucky enough to know a lot about our history and development including what was normal for us to consume for hundreds and thousands of years. 

Why is this important? Because our digestive, immune, cardiovascular systems, well our whole bodies are adjusted and have been adjusting to those foods for thousands of years. 

And if we suddenly (which in this context means within the last 100 years) totally change what we consume, our bodies and minds suffer. 

Average American in 1960 consumed about 13kg (28pounds) of chicken per year. In 2019 it was 44kg (96 pounds). 30kg (70 pounds) difference in just 60 years… And that is JUST the chicken. 

Mostly plant-based diet. That is N*O*R*M*A*L for human beings.

For me and my family, I would cook meat-based dishes 2 maximum 3 times a week but with the same amount of meat. This means I would divide the raw meat for either 2 or 3 days. But the total amount of meat we buy and consume in a week stays pretty much the same.

When eating outside I almost alway order vegetarian options mainly for the reason which I discuss below. 

I sometimes get weird looks from people when I do not want to eat meat during social gathering. They would ask if I’m vegetarian and get really confused when my answer is: No, not at all. I like meat. I just do not like to eat meat all the time. 

But that should actually be the norm. Humans have always consumed meat. Meat was always a normal part of our diet. Eating 2kg/4.5lbs of meat a week is the problem. That is not a normal amount of meat for the average person to consume. 

It is very common these days, but it’s not normal. 

Mostly plant-based diets are what we are designed to eat.️🥒🥬🥦

Happy Cows and Chickens

I am going to sound like a tree-hugging-hippie here and that is actually ok because I do sometimes hug trees. 

I think it is really sad how far from nature our society got. The idea of another living breathing and also emotional being dying in order for us to have that piece of meat on our plates is totally lost on us.  

Meat production became such a nasty business. There are many many videos on Youtube about living (and dying) conditions of animals in slaughterhouses. If you still have some humanity in you, watching those videos will make your heart feel very heavy...

That is why in my house if we buy meat and animal products, we only buy organic. We try to eat mostly organic food anyway but with animal products that is a must. I do not want to consume meat from unhappy cows and chickens and their sad eggs or milk. That is the reason why I order vegetarian options when eating outside.

Although there is also a science confirming this, I think just a common sense should be enough to get to this conclusion. 

Animals are living creatures capable of certain levels of feelings. We can, perhaps, have a discussion about what level of feelings they have, but there is no doubt there are some. You just do not want to eat a sad pig or chicken who never saw their mother and never in their life were able to spread their wings. If you have to eat meat, you want to eat meat from a happy cow, who had a lovely life and felt content throughout her life. 

There is always the price argument. And yes, it is pricey, but it should be! Meat production is not a cheap process! It should not be! Taking care of happy cows and turkeys requires time and effort and energy. Meat should not be cheap. It is not a cheap commodity. It's scarce and we need to go back to treating it that way. Both money- and consumption-wise. And if you do not eat meat every day, many times a day and actually treat it as scarce, you can then go for organic once a week. 

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