What is the best diet? Part 2

The best diet is to eat food which is N*O*R*M*A*L and N*A*T*U*R*A*L for Y*O*U whenever you are H*U*N*G*R*Y.

Today, we are talking about what is N*A*T*U*R*A*L for humans to eat. 

What is natural food for human beings? It seems like there should be a simple answer. But when you dig a bit deeper, you will see that it is not that easy to recognize. 

Especially in our grocery stores. They are full of products, which should not be considered natural food. If you have been following for a while, you know I love Michael Pollan’s term Edible Food-Like Substances. Our grocery stores are full of that, edible food-like substances, pretending to be natural food. 

So how can we easily distinguish if a food is really a NATURAL food? 

1 - Can you recreate such a product at home with only reasonable efforts?

Natural food is something we should always be able to produce at home from fresh ingredients with only basic kitchen equipment. 

This does not mean that you actually have to create everything yourself. Not all of us have the capacity and even the will to do that. But when shopping for food, buy only those products where you can imagine how they were produced. 

Beautiful example of non-food is margarine. That product is not food and should not be consumed by humans. There will be a big series about fats in the form of oils, butter, margarine next week and I will be talking about this in depth. Follow if you want to read more about that. 

2 - Can you actually read the list of ingredients? 

If it is not created from food, it is not a food. This includes all the conservatives, additional flavouring, taste enhancements and all the nasty chemicals. Real food does not need any of that. Real food should not survive weeks and months (with certain exceptions such as honey). If germs and molds do not want to eat that, you do not either. 

Always use common sense, if it is too good to be true, it is not food. 

If you want to read more about what is N*O*R*M*A*L to eat, you can read this article.

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